Visa Requirements

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To register for umrah, please ensure that the following items are in order

  • Recent photo ID with white background – songkok or hijab must be of a darker colour (free phototaking when you join us):
    • – 2 pcs measured at 4 x 6 cm
      – 4 pcs measured at 3.5 x 4.5 cm (passport size)
  • A passport which is valid for more than 6 months, and has at least 6 empty pages
  • Women who are below 45 years old must be accompanied by their husband or mahram* with proof of relation (a copy of marriage or birth certificate)
  • Children must be accompanied by their mahram (father, brother*, uncle or grandfather) with proof of relation (a copy of birth certificate respectively)
  • Women who are above 45 years old must provide:
  • – a copy of marriage/divorce certificate or death certificate of spouse (if any)
    – a notarized letter to perform pilgrimage by spouse or mahram*

  • An immunisation certificate for meningitis & influenza after MOFA is approved


^Visa is subject to approval by Arab Saudi Embassy
*Above 18 years old